Instant Celebrity Status ®


In 1987, I hosted a radio talk show called “The Hour of Credit Power” on Chicago’s BIGGEST Christian radio station, WYCA.

It aired 1 day a week during drive time between 4-5 PM.

I was 24 years old at the time and promoted a financial services company I owned.

One day during the show I had a national expert on as my guest and afterwards, we went to dinner and he asked me a question that forever changed my life.

“TC, why are you not branding yourself as the LEADER in your field and doing seminars?”

The truth is I did not “feel” like a Leader…heck I was only 24 years old.

TC, he said, I have been all over the country and you actually know more about the subject matter than most so called experts I know.

He ended by telling me that if I was waiting on someone to come and anoint me as the Leader or authority in my industry that I would be waiting a long time.

He was right and my life changed forever that day.

Immediately, I began to charge what a “LEADER” would charge and people would gladly pay my new higher fee’s

People intuitively want to do business with a LEADER, the Expert Authority in their area.

Everyday, I talk with business owners who were like I was in 1987, waiting on someone to anoint them as the Leader or Authority .

Everyone would love to be the LEADER in their industry in their city but it is not going to happen by sitting around and waiting for someone to anoint you as the leader.

That is where my company comes into play.

If you are interested in getting broader exposure and would like to position yourself and as the LEADER for your industry, let us know.

That’s what we do.

We have an “Instant Celebrity Status” campaign that quickly allows you to be positioned as the Leader by having your article syndicated out to dozens of authority media sites, including ABC,NBC,CBS and FOX affiliates.

We also provide Amazon Best Seller Campaigns…being a published author separates you from your competition…being a Best Selling Author puts you in a another universe and opens up doors of opportunity that are reserved the the “Experts” in your industry.


We also provide custom branding website design or redesign and a video marketing package to further enhance your brand in the marketplace.

Our media agency is a premium service provider for those clientele who believe that only the BEST will suffice when it concerns their business.

We lead the market, we never follow the market.

We set the bar and everyone else has to live up to it.

TC Bradley, Founder