It Aint Over Until it’s Really Over...God Says When!

Early Tuesday Morning on March the 20th, I had a devastating heart attack that just about took my life.

As a matter of fact, it did take my life as I was without a pulse or heartbeat for 1.5 to 2 minutes and I had to be shocked 2 times by the paramedics to get me back..the following is a brief overview on what happened that early morning.

I have not been feeling well for the last 3 weeks leading up to that day.

We have a Jacuzzi bathtub in our upstairs master bedroom that I always like to use before going to bed to “decompress”

That night I could only stay in for a few minutes.

I felt like I had a bad case of indigestion.

When I laid down in bed it only got worse and it felt like someone had their 2 hands around my throat.

I knew something was wrong.

I went downstairs and got a baby aspirin and took it and then went back upstairs.

Things did not get better so I tried to take another bath.

I was still in distress but trying to just get through whatever was happening.

It was at this time that Vickie, my wife of 20 years woke up and asked me what was going on.

“I am having real bad chest pains”

I told her I was going downstairs to get a glass of water.

When I got downstairs, I felt nauseous so I went to the bathroom to try and throw up but could not.

I was sweating profusely so I laid down on our cool ceramic tile.

The left side of my arm was completely numb at this point.

Vickie came downstairs to find me laying on the ceramic tile and she told me she was calling 911.

I told her No..just get me a cool wash cloth for my head.

Instead she went into her office and called 911.

I then crawled into the bed in the bedroom next to the bathroom and waited for the paramedics to arrive.

When the paramedics arrived they hooked me up to an EKG machine.

In their opinion, they thought that I could be having a heart attack and wanted to get me to the hospital NOW!

I refused.

I did not view these men as someone who were trying to save my life but instead like Roosters that came into my home and were trying to dictate to me what I should do.

In my DNA is a gene that requires that I live life on MY terms not someone else’s.

If the herd is running one way, you can bet that I will be leading the charge the other way.

So I refused.

The problem that paramedics face in these situations is that they cannot make a diagnosis.

They can only look at everything and tell you what they think is going on.

They had given me 3 baby aspirin at this time so I actually was starting to feel better.

They were insistent that I go to the hospital and I was insistent that I was NOT going to the hospital.

I finally agreed to go but Vickie would drive me, I would not go by ambulance.

At this point Vickie had had enough and asked me point blank.

“Do you want to LIVE or Die?”

I said I want to live.

She said then go to the hospital now.

I asked her if she thought I really should and she said YES!

I said OK I will go.

The paramedics sprang into action asked me if I could walk to the stretcher.

“I have a set of weights in the garage and I could bust out a set before we go” was my response.

“No you won’t be doing that” was the sharp response from the paramedic.

As I was being wheeled out of my home I had been feeling better up to that point but when we hit the driveway, it felt like someone had 2 hands on my throat and was choking me.

My thoughts were on my Wife Vickie and how was she going to be able to get to the hospital.

I knew she was in no shape to drive herself and noticed that our neighbor Mark was home, Mark is also a Cape Coral Police Officer so I know he would also keep Vickie calm.

So I told Vickie to ask Mark to her to the hospital.

As they loaded me into the ambulance, Vickie blew me a kiss and I blew her one back.

Peas and Carrots forever I thought.

After they had loaded me up in the ambulance and closed the door they did not drive way right away and Vickie could not understand why.

All she did was pace along the side of the ambulance saying “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”

All of a sudden, the fire department truck that had left before, came roaring down the street and a man jumped out of the truck, and ran into the back paramedic van and jumped in.

This was too much for Vickie and she asked the women firefighter, “I know something is wrong, please tell me what is going on that’s my Husband in there and I need to know”

“You husband died but they were able to bring him back and they are working on him now”

I was in the ambulance for no more than a minute when I went into full cardiac arrest.

I had no heartbeat or pulse for 1.5 to 2 minutes..something that is surreal to me even now.

I remember blowing Vickie a kiss as they loaded me into the back of the ambulance and
the next thing I know, I am standing on a train platform between 2 silver trains.

These 2 silver trains speeding down the track so fast.

On the side of each train was a video of entire my life being shown to me.

It was not being show in normal speed.

I remember thinking “This is interesting..why am I seeing this?”

The next thing I know, I am back in the ambulance looking at the paramedic.

He was sweating and there was a controlled chaos going on.

He looked down at me and said “Buddy, you’re the 1% most people never make it back from
where you just where”

I remember thinking, well of course I am the 1% and how did he know…was he on my Facebook page?”

I had created a image that said “I am the 1%” as my statement against this 99% protest stuff that has been going on and that was the first thing you saw when you went to my Facebook page.

I had only recently changed it.

Please understand I am not trying to be funny or glib but relating what really happened.

He then shared with me that they had lost me for about 1.5 to 2 minutes and to hold on and that they had to shock me 2 times to get me back.

They were very surprised that I was able to talk and remember where I was.

At no time was I ever fearful or afraid.

Once I found out that they had lost me for 1.5 to 2 minutes I knew it was imperative that I remain calm.

My military training from 30 years earlier was coming into use as the Military puts you into stressful situations and you are trained to remain cool, calm and focused under all environments.

So I knew I had to remain calm and keep my breathing calm.

When we made it the hospital, they were ready for me.

The hospital I was brought to has a Special cardiac team that is on call 24 hours and they called them in.

They are the Seal Team of the Cardiac world.

I was going into surgery stat.

Turns out I had a 100% blockage of my left anterior descending artery.

They call that blockage the “WidowMaker” because it kills 90% of everyone it strikes and 5%
have some sort of brain damage afterwards…the remaining 5% live.

I know there are several reasons that I am even able to sit here today and type these words.

None of which have anything to do with how tough I am.


I am here because of a Wife who stood for her husband and called 911 and then knowing that
I would not back down from my decision to not go to the hospital and she knew how to make me go.

The bond between and Husband and Wife is so strong and ordained by God.

Wifes have more power and Influence over their Husbands than they think that they do.

There is only 1 person in this world that could have made me get into that ambulance and that is my Wife.

My Wife saved my life.

I am here because of the Heroic actions of the paramedic crew who saved my life.

Had I been anywhere else but in their ambulance when I went into cardiac arrest I
would not be here.

The odds are against me surviving this event were stacked heavily against me…

The Paramedics saved my life.

I am here because of the Special Cardiac team that was called in to do emergency surgery on

That team saved my life.

I am here because of the Nurses that were with me during those critical times after the surgery.

We call them Nurses but they are the closest thing to an Angel that we will ever see while here on earth.

I am here because of the prayers of my family and friends.

Prayer does not change some things…Prayer changes Everything

And finally, I am here because of the OVERWHELMING Love and Grace of a Savior who was
with me every step of the way.

He turned my “Night into Day” and was with me every step of the way.

I am very clear on the fact that God saved my life for a reason.

My short term plans are to make sure the paramedic crew that saved my life gets honored for being Heroes.

I will forever be an advocate for EMS services nationwide and will make myself available to testify on their behalf against any politicians who try to reduce their services in their towns.

I plan to write a more detailed accounting on my experience and publish it on Amazon.

One that has the correct medical terms and the different insights from Vickie and medical personal that treated me.

There are so many layers to this story.

This will not be a clinical accounting but a Faith based work.

Wives need to know the power and influence that they really have in their husbands lives.

We live in a hour where people need HOPE.

We live in a hour where people need to BELIEVE in miracles.

I am a living breathing miracle that people can see, hear and touch.

If God can do a miracle for me then why not you?

I want people to know that regardless of how bleak or hopeless your situation may seem…

“It’s Never over until it’s REALLY over.”

As soon as I am strong enough physically, I plan to tell my story to Churches that will allow me to speak all across the Nation and World.

I have a message and this is my  story.

“It’s NEVER over until it’s REALLY over.”

TC Bradley
March 29 2012

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  1. Stephen says:

    All right; Lets finish it then,,, Wyatt and his immortals! Love, Doc

  2. Kevin Cron says:

    Welcome back TC

  3. Wayne says:

    Wow what a powerful testimony to our Living Savior. Thank you for sharing. I have a feeling you are headed into the most powerful Easter you have ever participated in as you celebrate HIs ressurection. May God continue to richly bless you and your bride.

  4. Alan McComas says:

    That’s a great story TC and there is a reason that you made it. You’ve done great things for people in the past but now I really believe that you’re going to turn it up a notch if not two or three notches. Go get em and Janie and I will be following you all the way. Glad you’re feeling better and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help from up here in Ohio. Alan (the hippie) McComas

  5. Ralph A. Lee says:

    After reading your update, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Your life is a testimony of the love and grace of God. He has His hand on you and Vickie.

  6. Erin Dykstra says:

    Tc, you are an amazing individual and a true man of faith! Vicky is an amazing individual and a true woman of faith! You ARE here for a reason and have already proven that by sharing your heart, knowledge, and spirit with so many lives across the nation already with your Real Estate endeavours and Teaching/Mentoring. It really scared me and broke my heart when I had heard that this had happened to you. You have played such a HUGE role in my becoming who I am today and I am so incredibly thankful and happy that you survived that horrific ordeal. You have created such a strong, kind, and loving presence on this Earth bringing so much joy, fun, laughter, and real VALUE into the lives of your friends, family members, and even strangers. Naturally nobody “here” wants you going anywhere else anytime soon! We glad God allowed for you to stay an play a bit longer!!! :) With Love and Gratitude, Erin

  7. Daniel Forbes says:

    Hi TC,

    We are all thankful that you are still around.
    The Lord is good,Yes!
    I’ll be praying for you each day that you will
    get stronger in Faith and in Health.
    As you always say, Never Give UP.
    Daniel Forbes

  8. TC
    I’m very moved by your history.
    Because we are very much alike ..
    I have the same mentality as you, driven as you and lucky to be married to a beautiful wife that is also my best friend.
    I’m also hard headed and I think I’m invincible sometimes
    I asked myself this question. .. what would I do if I was in your situation

    The simple answer would be to find the real reason why you’ve been spared
    I know that is a noble decision form your part to speak to churches and other people to tell them about your experience. .

    But I think its something bigger than that. .
    It could be just one person that you must touch or it could be a new calling that uses your talents to make the difference in people’s lives

    I;m glad you are alive and I will be checking with you from time to time how are you doing. .

    From my part.. .I have a birthday coming up. .and I think I will give myself a gift. .a full check up with a physician!


  9. Bernard Artis says:

    All I can say is WOW! I’m glad you are part of the 1%, TC. Truly God is not done with you yet and has much more work for you to do! Keep on keeping on my brother! Thank God your wife was there…

  10. MC - Canada says:

    I thank God for given you a second chance. God love’s you and God have a plan for you. Stay Blessed.

  11. JL Ferren says:

    Wow TC…

    I heard this story, but to read it is even more profund. Vickie is such a strong woman and behind the scenes, while you were at the hospital, I could still sense much strength through all she was dealing with. That is exactly the type of woman you need by your side and I’m glad you listened to her. The world would not be the same without you. I’m glad your strength is coming back and that you maintained a high spirit throughout the entire ordeal and still continue to do so. The tribe along with myself were very worried but kept you at the front of our minds. We love you man… Don’t ever do that to us again! lol

    Can’t wait to see what God has planned for you. :-) Thanks for sharing your story!

  12. Glenn Matchett says:

    TC, Wishing you well. Keep them guessing!!!

  13. TC,

    I have another FB Friend who wrote a book about his near death experience. His circumstance was different, but maybe the two of you can discuss your experiences. His name is Don Aldinger and you can use my name if you want to contact him via FB.

    I guess your work in this form is not done.

    God Bless!


  14. Mike says:

    Hey there TC! Welcome back!! You never cease to amaze me, My Man!! You alway’s make the seemingly impossible, possible!! From believing that each and everyone of us has a true purpose in life, no matter what our circumstances may be! Now!,..If this testimonial experience isn’t enough to get folk’s to plant their flag, then,..I don’t know what will!! I know it has definetely lit a brand new flame on my embers!! Take it EZ TC! Thank’s for everything….

    Much Love, Peace & Blessing’s to you and Family!

    P.S. Just to let you know you’re alway’s appreciated, I knew you’d enjoy the Welcome Back Kotter Vid lol


  15. Tom R says:

    Dude… Listen to your body.
    Listen to your wife.
    And take care of yourself.

  16. Marc says:

    Two things:
    Vickie is, indeed, “strong”. Like the apostle Paul she knows she has no strength of her own – only that which flows from Father and through her. She is “strong” in trust. She is strong in obedience. She is strong in listening.

    All of which leads me to my second point. Why are men. in general, so flippin’ hard-headed? And by “men” I mean, of course, you and me. While my situation was not nearly as severe as yours I was just as hard-headed. And it took me decades to learn that Father really was speaking to me. Trying to give me answers and wisdom. Through the voice of my loving wife. It is only slightly humorously that I tell (especially) men that the scripture for me in our marrage comes from the book of Acts. Wherein Luke quotes from King David in the old testment as saying, “and the Lord said to my Lord…”. It took me literally decades to realize just how important is the councel of a God-fearing wife.

    I think the plans and dreams this experience have given you are important. I encourage you to proceed. Help everyone everywhere (especially men) to learn 1.) to take care of their health; 2.) Listen to Father – more often than not, through their wife; 3.) That with God is is never ever too late!

    Rest often. Don’t sweat the small stuff. LISTEN to Vicki. Eat a popcicle. Blessings!

  17. Tessa E says:

    I’m happy you are still here. Keep up the great work.

  18. Gail W says:

    Hi Tc this is Gail W out in NJ I’m happy to hear that you are doing better
    you are in my prayers.

  19. Karen Holt says:


  20. Camille Krecioch says:

    Thank you for sharing. You will save many more lives with your testimony.

  21. Gwen Zimmerman (Sigler) says:

    You’re right – that condition is referred to as a widow maker, and I’ve only seen a couple of people survive it in my career. And all I can say is you’re work isn’t done here yet. Take care of yourself, and I hope to see you and your amazing wife this summer. Always, Gwen

  22. Will in Orlando says:

    Hey TC

    I am so happy your still with us. I called your office line and left message
    and gave prayer when I got off phone and prayed for you everyday since. I
    went through what you did with my father but he did not make it. TC you have
    been blessed by God because you and Vickie have changed so many folks lives by giving back to us and God has recognized that by bringing you back to Planet Bradley Family and we want you to grow old together. I love you both as you folks have changed my life.

    Your friend for life,

    Will in Orlando

  23. Lady Edna says:

    Hello TC,
    You are a testimony of God’s Love and Grace. You and Vickie have given us much love, your reward is a second chance. God’s not done with you yet. He sent you back to us. A Strong Man + A Strong Woman = A Second Chance.
    We love you!

  24. LQ Starling says:

    Thank God for saving your life TC and I pray that he gives you a speedy recovery. It just wouldn’t be the same around here without you. Keep up the good work and thanks for this opportunity with the Lease Purchase Locator Program. God bless us all.

  25. Dawn Galdes says:

    To God be the Glory, may all Praise be given to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! He truly deserves all the Glory just as you mentioned in your blog post. He did use so many individuals (Vickie, EMT, Nurses, Doctors, etc) in this situation so that He could be made known!! Now you have another chapter in your testimony to share with others. My prayers are with you TC and Vickie. May God’s love, peace, and protection surround you each and every moment of the day. Truly God has more work for you to do here on earth. So with great expectancy we await to see what His will and continued plan for your life will be now and in the future. I am currently going thru the Book of Psalms with my women’s bible study group and I wanted to share something w/ you and Vickie from this week’s message titled God’s Promise for the Journey which ties into the circumstances that God recently put before you. It is Psalm 121 ~ God the Help of Those Who Seek Him – In this Psalm the Lord is our Helper, Keeper & Preserver and He NEVER sleeps or slumbers. (God’s never off duty, He’s available 24/7), This is a promise we can hold on to and be assured no matter what comes along, that when we are truly seeking Him w/ all our heart and minds, He will never leave us or forsake us and will carry us thru the hard and difficult circumstances, and ultimately we can say our Faith in Christ is that much stronger because of it. As I have not yet had the opportunity to meet either or you, I’m hoping to one day; however, if not here on this earth than surely one day in Heaven, when we truly are HOME with our LORD!! I wish you the best on your continued RE endeavors and being such an inspiration to many. Blessings to you, and praying for a strong, healthy recovery.

  26. Bruce Wright says:

    I have followed your writtings for two years and although I am not in the business you promote I find your message universal and uplifting. God has truly blessed you brother, and it is humbling to hear a fellow man recognizing the power of Gods grace through his flock of men and women involved in that short defining moment of your life and death struggle.Please know that we all admire you and Vickie and prey for your swift return to good health. keep spreading the word and Planting your flag( I borrowed that)
    Bruce Wright

  27. David Corbaley says:

    Seriously TC? Dang man, ya had to go and make my eyes leak brother…

    Can’t tell you how amazing this story is. Even had a few laughs. Glad to have you here my friend, there are obviously stones unturned and hills that need to be taken!

    Talk soon brother.


  28. wow god was looking over you it was not ur turn yet the same thing happen to me jan.96 my heart stop in the ambulance and the hospital i was in a coma for 4 days and i am still here to c my grandkids grow up thank you lord tc bless you brother i will say a prayer for you and ur family at bible study tonight take care and take it slo bless you :)

  29. Laura O'Hara says:

    Now you’ve learned one of the most valuable things in life…listen to your wife!:)

  30. Jeff Schwarz says:

    Powerful story. Thanks for sharing, God has blessed you and Vickie and hopefully many people learn from your experience.

  31. Shawn Samuel says:


    Incredible story man. I learn and pattern so much after you. You are needed here brother. God Bless your wife for asking you that question. Do you want to live or die? That most have been the most powerful question you ever had to answer. Were all happy you made the right choice. Because if you would have decided to just stay in the bed and not go the the hospital Man God forbid it. Anyway your an Alphas Alpha. I really look up to you man. God bless you and your family you deserve to be Blessed. I hope more of your graces rub off on me to better my wealth and health. And were all glad that your here and pushing for you, Take Care TC. It really makes me reflect on my health. Because you have to keep your body as strong as mind. Working out eating healthy. Staying here for many more years. Til GOD say its over. Thats right Thats right. Peace

  32. Bryan Stallings says:

    Hello Cuz!

    TC, how are you doing today? OMG !! I just read your story ! ( I apologize for not staying in touch with you and Vicki) I dam near had a heart attack when I read your story.

    You are truly an amazing person! Im sending you guys my Love …it isn’t over till its over!

    Much Love.


  33. Ronald says:

    Hello TC and Vickie,

    This is Ron from Columbus, Oh., and I am currently here in Fort Myers Beach visiting one of my daughters and thought i would look you up on the internet.

    I had purchased your Lease Option Course about 5-6 years ago, and listened in to your weekly coaching calls, and I would even record them on a cassette and replay them.

    I did not do anything with your course, because at the time, I was pushed into an unexpected divorce after 28yrs, which became very bitter, certainly not by my choosing.

    During this period of my life, I wanted something better with my life, but do to the divorce, I was not able to focus nor did I have the drive to work the Lease Option business and work full time as well.

    Your weekly coaching calls ment a lot to me, in that in replaying them over, and over again, they encouraged me to work through a very tough divorce, some days, while at work, I would break down and start crying, just out of the blue, and then later on, that day, put on my headphones and re-listen to that week’s coaching call, which lifted my spirits a great deal.

    You were, in a tough no-nonsense way, very encouraging to me, to take action and get to work in Lease Options, but that action translated for me into getting though my divorce one day at a time, but often one hour at a time.

    For that, I am ever greatfull. Thanks TC

    You were faithful in delivering what you promised !!!

    I am now at a place in my life, having re-married, in which I am now ready and wanting to work the Lease Options business, and i have pulled out your old course and started to look it over. I have promised myself, that this time, I am going to work in Lease Options, no matter what.

    Those coaching calls helped my tremendously, Thank You!!

    I am so glad that your still with us, God Bless both you and your wife, your good people, and i know first hand, having listened to all of those coaching calls, over and over again. You can’t fake “Heart” nor a willingness to help others, it comes out in your voice and tone.

    Blessings to your both,
    Columbus, Ohio

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 A Letter to my Father on Fathers Day

A Letter to my Father

momanddad 187x300 A Letter to my Father on Fathers Day







I come from a blue collar background and my Father was a working man all of his life.

He certainly was one of the toughest men that I ever knew.

When my brother and I were infants he had a terrible accident in a manufacturing plant that crushed his foot badly and was rushed to the  hospital.

His foot was so bad that the doctors wanted to cut it off and he refused.

“How do you expect me to feed my babies with one foot?

The next day he went back to wrk and crawled to his car after working his shift, only to have his boss follow him out to the car and mock him as a cripple and fire him.

Later in life he met up with that man and lets just say it was not that mans favorite moment in life!

My Dad never lost his foot and went on to become a truck driver.

He was a truck driver in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago and did not take crap from anyone and could very well back it up and did on several occasions.

When he passed away, I heard the countless stories from other drivers about how respected that my Dad was because he did not take crap from the Corporate bosses and especially how when another driver was hurt
and off of work, My Dad was the first one to reach into his pocket and was was always generous when with other drivers you often had to pull teeth to get them to help another driver out in a time of need.

He certainly was protective of his family.

I remember back in the early 70′s my older brother flipped a lady the bird on his bike and then the chain came off and she forced him to put his bike in her car and drove my brother home and told my Mother what had happened.

My Father was furious not at my brothers act of flipping the lady off  but that he got into a strangers car.

He sat both me and my brother done and we firmly told to NEVER get into any strangers car, no matter what!

Mind you this was back in the very early 70′s way before these child abductions were happening.

A lot of folks do not know this but I was born with a major speech defect, so much so that I could not speak until I was 5 years old.

Children can be cruel and I remember coming home crying on my very first day of school, because the kids made fun of me, and telling my father with tears streaming down my face that I was not going to back to school.

My father took me in the backyard and “motivated” and inspired me that I was going to go back to school.

The first 5 years of my life were spent going from doctor to doctor, from specialist to specialist.

Some told my father I was deaf, another told him I was mentally retarded.

Even though my father was not high school educated and was a working man,my father never accepted those opinions until he found a doctor who told him, “I know what the problem is and I can fix it, Mr. Bradley.”

Fast forward to my last day of high school when I was chosen to give the graduation speech at our graduation and received a standing ovation.

On my first day of school I was made fun of and the last day of school (yes, I am only high school educated)

I received a standing ovation.

It was not until later in my life that I really came to appreciate the lessons my speech defect taught me and my Fathers refusal to accept what Medical Experts were telling him.

This impacted my life in a HUGE way.

Because of my speech defect and the fact that I was made fun on a almost daily basis, I become tough and fought constantly.

This has served me in my later years when I have had to fight for my dreams and goals.

The other thing that happened as a result of my speech defect was that I simply refused to let opinions of other people sway me in my decision-making process.

Twas one of the major reasons that I never smoked.

Everyone else was doing it to be cool.

And because everyone else was doing it that was the MAIN reason that  I did not want to do it and I did not mind telling you that.

I would never be swayed by popular opinion and would always do what  I thought was best for me and my family.

So many people will be denied their dreams, not because of talent or their ability, but because someone close to them or someone whose opinion they respected stole their dream.

We are surrounded by “dream stealers”.

So many folks are anxious to steal your dream or give you “advice” that in reality is not meant to empower you but keep you right where you are now at.

To this day my life was radically changed by 3 decisions that my Father made.

One was the decision by my father to not accept what the medical experts were telling him about me.

The other lesson was in how he Loved my Mother.

They were married for 28 years before my Mom passed away of cancer.

I remember asking my Dad one time, “Dad if me and my brother and You and Mom were in an ocean drowning and you could only save one person, who would it be?

My father did not hesitate and I certainly was not prepared for his answer as I expected him to say that he would save all of us.

“Son, if that ever happened I would tell you and your brother and sister that I sure hope you have enjoyed your life because it’s over now…

Son, there would be no question that I would save your Mother…my life starts and ends with her and it best that you understand that”

I still laugh at that story and fondly rememeber it even today but my Dad was not joking.

What a authentic and real lesson in Love he taught me that day.

The other lesson my Father taught me was about honor and what it truly meant.

My Dad constantly stressed to me how important a good name was to a man.

He used tell me how “his Daddy gave him the Bradley name without spot and blemish and it was his utmost desire to hand it back that name to  his Daddy in the same condition as the name was given to him”

Well, my Dad achieved that worthwhile goal and now that burden has fallen upon me.

I have learned that a good name is not important to a man but that it is EVERYTHING to a man.

Without a good name you have nothing and I do mean nothing.

To my deceased father I say, “Thank You Dad, you instilled in me a gift more precious than silver and gold,

All that I am as a man and will ever be as a man, I owe to you.

God I miss you.

Love your Baby Boy,

Happy Fathers Day to all of our Dads out there.

Never underestimate the impact that you lessons have on your children.

TC Bradley

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 The Truth Has a Distinctive Sound to it...


Million Dollar Thoughts Video 



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 Spiritual Laws of Wealth TV

 logo3 globe 300x186 Spiritual Laws of Wealth TV

Just a quick note to alert you to the fact that I have brought back “The Spiritual Laws of Wealth” shows.

This time instead of a radio show format, I have switched to a TV show format.

I just posted the first show online and on it, I candidly discuss the reasons I brought it back and the Law of the Harvest.

You can catch all shows at:

You can also sign up on the website to be instantly alerted when a new show is added.
This is strongly recommended since I will NOT be emailing my students and subscribers each week when a new show is added.

My reason for this is simple.

I have kept my faith private for the last 7 years because I really feel like they do not mix well in business, from a marketing side.

We have been online for 7 years now and I do not mix business with religion or my faith.
One of my biggest pet peeves is those people that use faith and religion in their marketing material.

I have always felt that someone should do business with you because you provide the best products and service, not because of your faith.
You will not find any website of ours going back 7 years, any indication of our faith.

Yes, we have used  “Faith” in our business but we have never  used it as a marketing tool as an motivation for anyone to do business with us.

Not now.

Not in the 7 years we have been online.

Not ever.

Our Students love us because  we are real, we honor our word and agreements and people get RESULTS  with our products and services. 

So it is for those reasons that I have run from doing a show like the “Spiritual Laws of Wealth” TV show and have felt so conflicted.
But I cannot run from this anymore.

I have never seen an hour were the need for someone to deliver an authentic message of HOPE.

Every week, I talk to someone who is in desperate straits financially because of this Global recession.

I know that the Spiritual Laws of Wealth are timeless and will work in any economy and I know what they have done for Vickie and I.

The need for this show is OVERWHELMING  and I can no longer turn my back to the need and say no to those the need this information.

I know that this  is a “Divine Appointment” that I must keep.

I feel so strongly about this, that I would be willing to pull every Real Estate product and service that we offer off of the market if I felt the primary reason for me doing the show would be misinterpreted in any way.

I do not feel that I have to do that, but I also do not pull any punches either and will not hesitate to do so if I feel that our motives for doing the show would be called into question or that people felt that we were doing this as an motivation for people to buy our products and services.

My motive and intent is authentic and real.

The fact that we doing these shows FREE of CHARGE and providing information that can TRANSFORM a persons life and bank account without charging anyone a penny should speak very clearly for my motives and intent in this matter. 

At the end of my life, I just do not want to be known as a “Real Estate Guy or a “Internet Guy” but I want to be known for making a real difference in the lives of those around me and I believe that this show will do just that to those that need it the most and in their greatest hour of need.

So you are invited to watch the shows but with this 2 conditions.

Please do not base any future decisions to do business with us based on that show…if should decide in the future to do business with us, it should solely be based on the IMPECCABLE reputation we have established both online and offline over the last 7 years.

The other thing is if you do want to be updated when the show gets updated, then sign up for that on the Spiritual Laws website as I will NOT be emailing that information to my students and subscribers every time that happens.

Maybe occasionally, but not each time the show is updated…so if you want to have an email sent to you automatically, every time the show is updated, then it will be necessary for you to sign up on the Spiritual Laws of Wealth website (on the right side of the page) 

If you can extend me that respect and consideration, I would be ever so grateful and appreciative.

Thank you,


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  1. Chuck says:

    I have always seen the Spiritual Laws of Wealth class as its own grand entity without any involvement or inducements for other businesses. This is simply a spiritual journey to reach the highest self that you and Vickie lead others to reach.


  2. Marc Vaughan says:


    Anyone who has made even a cursory examination of your body of RE materials knows you have never ever allowed your faith to be used by you to market! Of this fact there can be no doubt!! Still, anyone who meets you and Vickie or seriously studies your materials and who is alert will realize you are a man of faith. You can no more hide that fact than you can hide the facts that you are a male and a handsome dawg (insert chuckle here). Seriously. If a person truly chooses a life of faith and is completely committed to the Highest Calling then it cannot be hidden. It is simply not possible. And people are drawn to people of faith. Spirit cries out to spirit. Today more than ever people are searching….. searching for the answers to all the daunting questions that life on this planet currently presents. People are searching for people who honestly have the LIFE that we all seek. People are searching and longing for Faith Filled people that can boldly show the way to THE answer to life. Life, you and I both know, has many questions and only ONE answer. Continue just as you are. You have never sought to “trade” on your faith and you are not about to start. Continue to be true to your faith and your callings. Your calling to live the faith-filled life before all and your calling to teach how to be a productive member of our society. Both so sorely needed now. If anyone is offended it will not be your fault. As the great philosopher Paul asked the good people of Galatia, “Am I your enemy for telling you the truth?” The answer to the rhetorical question was a resounding, “NO!” Are you anybody’s enemy because you tell the truth? Or because you live an authentic life? Again, NO!! Continue on. Continue to live your life as you feel called to do. Continue to teach as you feel called. The two actually strengthen each other! That you are concerned lest anyone doubt your sincerity in either arena of your life is the proof of your high goal of remaining authentic. You two are a beacon to a dark and weary world – - Shine On!!

  3. Shawn J Samuel says:

    Hey T.C,

    Sorry to hear this man. I hope you take care and get some excercise. God Bless over you Brother. Take Care.

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